Why Market Street Research?


Extraordinary Results.

Market Street Research offers businesses and organizations an opportunity to both understand their markets, customers, and competitors as well as know what steps must be taken to act on this information. Instead of reports that gather dust on shelves or are never used, Market Street offers solutions based on thoughtful, customized studies using state-of-the-art marketing research methods.


Market Street’s Key Strengths


Market Street Research has three key strengths that we bring to all of the studies we perform.


First, we are decision-oriented in our research approach. Our clients are interested in market research that enables them to make decisions. We are not interested in providing our clients with a “standard survey” or a study that gathers dust on a shelf. While our clients share some issues, each has unique information needs based upon resources, competition, and market area. We work closely with our clients from the beginning of each project, so that our research design, analysis, and recommendations focus on the questions they want answered and the decisions they need to make.


Second, we pay individualized attention to our clients’ needs. Many organizations have the experience of hiring a consultant, and then find that they spend inordinate amounts of time managing the consultant to ensure the project is completed on time. At Market Street Research>, we assign a research team to each study, the team meets initially to layout the tasks and time line for the project, and then meets weekly to review the project’s progress. While there can be events beyond our control that can sometimes result in needing to revise the time line for a project, the vast majority of our projects are completed on the schedule agreed upon with the client. In addition, we quote a fixed price for our studies, including expenses, and that price is modified only in circumstances in which the client is interested in changing the scope of the study, and then only with the advance approval of the client.


Third, we offer state-of-the-art research and management. Market Street Research offers state-of-the-art market research design and execution. We have computerized all of the routine, time-consuming, and costly aspects of market research, including data collection and data processing. As a result, we spend a greater amount of time on analysis and report preparation, and our clients are assured high-quality results.


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