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About Market Street Research


Market Street Research is a marketing research company with over 35 years of experience in conducting customized marketing research and political polling for hundreds of businesses and organizations throughout the United States.


We specialize in understanding our clients’ needs and delivering high-quality, custom market information geared towards helping our clients make effective business and organizational decisions. Market Street Research is a vibrant, dedicated, client-oriented, woman-owned marketing research business with a long history of commitment to our clients, our employees, and our community.


At Market Street Research, we work with our clients throughout the entire market research process, from initial, custom design to the presentation of the findings, so that the information our clients receive can be put to use immediately in their decision-making. Market Street works within a broad range of industries and our client base includes small, mid-sized, and large businesses and non-profit organizations located throughout the United States. We use state-of-the-art marketing research methods and customize each study to meet our clients’ specific needs. Click the links below for more information about Market Street’s:



Services Market Street Research Does Not Provide


Market Street Research is a marketing research company and we do not provide other marketing services such as advertising design or media placement. We strongly believe it is in our clients’ best interest for us to remain objective about critical aspects of their operations, customer service, products, policies, and so forth.


Consultants who combine marketing research with other services may find it difficult to be unbiased if the results of a study reflect negatively on the other services the consultant provides. It is hard, for example, to evaluate an advertising campaign if you have created it, especially if marketing research suggests that the campaign has not achieved its expected results. Instead, Market Street Research works closely with firms that provide these kinds of services, which include:


  • Advertising, marketing, public relations, and communications services
  • Media placement
  • Financial feasibility, cost-benefit analysis, accounting, and banking-related services
  • Architectural, structural, and engineering services
  • Environmental impact assessments, including traffic studies
  • Legal services, including issues relating to permitting, licensing, fees, & regulations
  • Management or business consulting
  • Employee, staff, executive recruitment and HR functions


Referrals and Partnerships


We are happy to refer your business or organization to consultants who can provide marketing services other than custom marketing research, and have long-term, established relationships with many high-quality partnering firms. MSR is also more than happy to work with your own, internal or external marketing resources and departments, and has a long history of doing so within the context of marketing research projects that affects these departments’ strategies, operations, or policies.


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