“Market Street Research does a very good job. They understand our needs, are responsive to our needs, and they don’t sell us more than we need. Market Street Research produces clear, understandable results that contain answers we are looking for in a way that can easily be shared with people in the organization. If we have a request, they understand what it is we really want–and need–and produce it.


Among the many studies Market Street Research has done for Mass General over the years, they conducted focus groups for Prime Care, our geriatric care management service, and we launched it and it’s doing great. Without the market research, we wouldn’t have gotten management support for doing it. The research helped us make the business decisions and it really shaped the way we designed it.


Market Street Research is pleasant and easy to work with. They do what needs to be done in a timely fashion, and gets the results. I enjoy working with them. They bring a lot of industry knowledge and expertise that helps guide us in making the decisions that we need to make.”


Anne Dubitsky
Vice President, Marketing & Managed Care
Massachusetts General Hospital




“We have used Market Street Research for over 10 years. The real reason we like working with Market Street so much is we honestly feel they care about our results as much as we do–in developing surveys and interpreting results and in helping us to find the pieces we need-Market Street is not just a vendor executing instructions.


The quality of Market Street’s research is exceptional. I feel confident about Market Street’s knowledge and expertise in statistics and analysis. The analysis is very thorough-they drill down to what we need to get the answers to our questions, and are also good at summarizing the main findings from the research. Their reports are effective at integrating text with supporting graphics and charts. The reports are a great resource to go back to.


Market Street is very responsive, and great with follow-up. Every time we’ve asked for additional information, Market Street is always very willing to get it to us.


Julie Pokela’s presentation skills are very important for us. Julie is very credible, very sincere, and very objective, which makes a big difference for recipients in hearing and absorbing results. The senior staff at Liberty Bank are always pleased and excited when Julie is coming to present research findings.”


Audra Hamel
Vice President, Marketing
Liberty Bank




“Market Street Research is very easy to work with and very collaborative. They listened extremely well to what our needs were-they knew our problems and knew our issues. The research reinforced a lot of things we already knew about our reputation and brand. We also learned new things that surprised us about how the public viewed Hartford Hospital and our competitors. The research created a new understanding about ourselves, that in turn helped to drive our strategies and decision-making. The real bottom line was that the research done by Market Street was a valuable tool for garnering acceptance by the board, the medical staff, and the nursing staff. We were very satisfied with the outcome and will continue to use Market Street Research for our marketing research needs.”


David Polk
Vice President, Marketing and Business Development
Hartford Hospital, Hartford, CT




“I highly recommend Market Street Research. I’ve worked with Market Street Research for about 7 years, and we think of Market Street as the market research department for UMass/Five College Federal Credit Union. They have the knowledge and expertise we’re looking for, and give us insight into the bigger picture using Market Street’s experience with regard to financial services.


Market Street Research is very serious about time lines and has jumped through hoops for us on projects with very short notice. Market Street Research makes effective presentations to both the senior management group and to the Board of Directors, which is what we need.


We recently conducted branding research with Market Street. Through the research, we were able to identify a strategy we are using to position/differentiate ourselves with our members and in the marketplace with regard to all our products and services.


Working with Market Street Research is very easy – it is stress free.”


Jon Reske
Vice President, Marketing
UMass Five College Credit Union