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Market Street Research has over 35 years of experience in combining your industry knowledge and your expertise regarding your company, organization, customers, competitors, and markets with our expertise in designing and conducting top-quality marketing research. Our core belief is that companies and organizations like yours want results and will use Market Street because we deliver results.


Market Street’s decades of experience providing actionable, decision-oriented marketing research studies means we have the tools and expertise needed to meet your information needs. In fact, most of our clients are long-term customers who use Market Street repeatedly or sole-source to Market Street for their marketing research needs because we exceed their expectations, deliver as promised, and focus on action and decisions.


What Makes Marketing Research by Market Street Useful?


  • We solicit broad involvement and buy-in on the part of key stakeholders from the beginning of a study-nobody feels “left out of the loop.”
  • We explain the methodology so people understand what will happen and view the study as reasonable, credible, and likely to produce accurate results.
  • Stakeholders participate actively in reviewing and fine-tuning questionnaires, moderator’s guides, and other research tools — there are no “surprises.”
  • Because of our long history and reputation, people trust the results are being presented honestly and objectively.
  • We make sure people comprehend and know how to interpret our findings, analysis, and recommendations.
  • The point of our final presentations is to build consensus on results and form a foundation for future action.


Market Street works with you so the entire research process, from initial design to the presentation of results at a final meeting, is both rewarding and action-oriented. We are not interested in producing documents that are visually colorful and fascinating but not useful-documents that gather dust on shelves or are never used by our clients. Our goal is to find the best way to get the information you need to make the best decisions for your company or organization, and the evidence of our success is our extraordinary level of client satisfaction.


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