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Customized Market Research Analysis, Reports and Presentations

Analysis and ReportingMarket Street‘s clients overwhelmingly agree that quality of analysis and reporting is our most important strength. Because we focus on your decision-making process from the beginning of a study, our reports reflect those decisions. We give you the information you need to act with confidence that your business decisions are based on a solid understanding of the characteristics and needs of your customers, your image, your markets, and your competition.¬†


Our marketing research reports and presentations are customized to meet our clients’ specific requirements, and may include any or all of the following:


  • Real-time tracking for key questions during data collection
  • Written or oral summaries designed for decision-makers who need results fast in a format that is brief, intelligent, and oriented toward action
  • Complete and detailed research reports outlining results in clear language with appropriate and understandable tables, graphs, maps, and supporting documentation
  • Oral presentations specifically customized to meet the needs of groups within your company or organization who require critical information but whose level of marketing or statistical sophistication and decision-making authority may significantly vary. We offer ample time for questions, welcome discussion of findings, and will present results as often as you need to as many groups as you request. Our oral presentations may include any or all of the following, depending on your study:
    • Graphic presentations (including custom files using software such as PowerPoint that you can use to present results to additional groups in the future)
    • Printed speaker’s notes
    • Tables, graphs, and charts illustrating key points
    • Video or audio clips from focus groups
  • Statistical documents (such as printed banners), cleaned, edited data files formatted for use internally, and other¬†materials required by your marketing research staff or by vendors associated with your company or organization, such as advertising, marketing, or public relations agencies.


We analyze the information we collect, so you don’t have to wade through tables, graphs, and statistical tests to find the results you need. Our documents are intelligent, clearly written, provide topnotch summaries of findings, and include marketing recommendations that make sense given your decision-making process, resources, and strengths as an organization. We also adapt our reports and presentations based on the specific audiences to whom the findings will be presented, such as:


  • Trustees & boards of Directors
  • CEOs, Executive Directors & executives
  • Marketing & research departments
  • Advertising, PR & media vendors
  • Physicians, engineers, & scientists
  • Technical professionals
  • College & university professors
  • Teams and working groups
  • Supervisors, managers & administrators
  • Employees, line staff & union groups
  • Politicians & community leaders
  • Government departments & agencies
  • General public
  • Mixed stakeholder audiences


Market Street works with you so the entire research process, from initial design to the presentation of results at a final meeting, is both rewarding and action-oriented. We are not interested in producing documents that are visually appealing and fascinating but not useful-documents that sit on shelves or are never used by our clients. Our goal is to use the best marketing research methods to get the information you need to make the best decisions for your company or organization, and the evidence of our success is our extraordinary level of client satisfaction.


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