Our Process

Market Street Research‘s mission is to provide our clients with information they can put to use immediately in making critical business or organizational decisions. Our goal is to be extraordinary in every aspect of our work with clients. Extraordinary means premium-quality market information that is:


  • Customized to meet the needs of our client’s company or organization, rather than “canned” or generalized
  • Specific to our client’s unique industry, company or organizational characteristics, products and services, reputation and image, and markets served, rather than generic to a particular industry
  • Focused on the decisions our clients are facing, rather than based on broad industry trends or “expert opinions”
  • Usable given the decisions our clients face, their company’s characteristics, resources, and markets, and their timeline
  • Delivered as promised in a high-quality, usable format, on-time and within budget


Market Street Research has marketing research experience in a broad range of industries-healthcare, financial services, technology, retailing, manufacturing, human services, real estate development, political polling, and so on- but our strength is customizing marketing research for individual companies or organizations that place a premium on quality decision-making.


If you are a new to Market Street Research, our typical process is to meet with you to determine what information you are seeking and to answer any questions you might have about Market Street Research, our services, and our expertise in designing and conducting marketing research for companies or organizations like yours. We then prepare detailed written proposals that include our understanding of your needs, a detailed discussion of a recommended market research methodology, a budget, and a timeline along with references. If you are an existing customer, we work with you to:


  • Clearly identify research goals that make sense given the information you need, your company’ or organization’s characteristics and history, and the decisions you face in designing or marketing products and services
  • Custom-design a quality marketing research methodology based specifically on your goals and information needs, and provide you with a written proposal, budget, and timeline
  • Meet with you and important stakeholders (such as administrators, boards of directors, or staff) as often as needed to make sure everyone understands the marketing research methodology, approves of any questionnaires, moderator’s guides, or other information-gathering tools we propose, and can meet their respective responsibilities in terms of timeline
  • Communicate as often as you specify, and in whatever format is best for you, to keep you informed of the study’s progress and to discuss any problems or concerns that might arise
  • Analyze your results and prepare thoughtful, comprehensive, and highly readable written reports and summaries designed to meet the needs of the specific individuals or groups who will be using the results to make decisions
  • Make final presentations, a process that includes building consensus with stakeholders and decision-makers on the meaning of results and implications for your company or organization, and helping you to empower decision-makers on a plan of action that is based on a solid understanding of your specific market


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