Use of Mobile Banking: Infographic of our Google Survey Results

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Here at Market Street, we’re ringing in the new year with a new Signpost feature: regular infographics from Google surveys we’re conducting on topics of interests to the clients we serve. To kick things off this January, we’re bringing you some data on a hot topic for our financial services clients (and all of us banking consumers!): mobile banking apps


Mobile banking seems to be on everyone’s minds these days, with new services and apps hitting the market. One of the questions we hear a lot from our clients in the financial sector is, “How big a deal is mobile banking right now?” Is it a nice-to-have, or a make-or-break? We’ve all heard the buzz about mobile banking, but how does that translate into actual use of services?


In order to understand more about consumers’ use of specific types of mobile banking transactions, Market Street conducted a Google survey of 1,018 US residents. The infographic with the results of this survey is the first of a three-part mobile banking series here on The Signpost. In our second post, we’ll be talking about why financial institutions should step up their mobile game. In our third post, we’ll talk about what consumers really want in mobile banking services, including any pain points and unmet needs.


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Mobile Banking Infographic


— posted by Ingrid