Product Testing and Pricing Research

Marketing research techniques can be used to test product concepts and assess pricing strategies for new or existing products and services. Market Street Research‘s experience in product testing and pricing research has included:


  • with former, current, and likely future users of a product or service
  • with industry experts about new product or service ideas
  • of both the general public and people involved in purchasing products or services for businesses or organizations
  • of likely competitors’ products and services


Much of our product testing and pricing research is conducted within the context of overall market feasibility studies that examine both the marketability of new ideas and how best to meet likely customers’ needs in order to promote the product or idea most effectively. Market Street‘s clients who have conducted product testing and pricing research include such diverse entities as:


  • Food manufacturers and agricultural interests
  • Makers and sellers of consumer products
  • Manufacturers of industrial equipment and supplies
  • Real estate developers (both private and public)
  • Health care professionals, hospitals, and health systems
  • Educational institutions
  • Government agencies and departments


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