In-Depth or One-On-One Interviews

in-depth interviews are a marketing research interviewing technique used in situations where expert opinions are needed, or to gather detailed information from customers or users of competing products or services. In-depth interviews are used when, because of geography, logistical issues, or the sensitive or complex nature of the topics to be explored, conducting focus groups or face-to-face interviews is either impractical or inappropriate.


The In-depth interview methodology is often employed by Market Street Research when surveying business owners, high-level executives, community and business leaders, key opinion influencers, technicians, specialists, and other professionals about complex or highly sensitive topics. This marketing research methodology is also used as a technique for learning more about an industry’s specific characteristics and practices directly from those individuals who specialize in, and often who are leaders of, that industry.


In-depth interviews are most often conducted by telephone during a prearranged for time, but can also be conducted:


  • Face-to-face, either at an individual’s home or office or in a central location, such as a mall, community center, or other publicly accessible space
  • As people exit a physical space (e.g., an office, a plant, a public building, a retail or service establishment, or a health or human service provider-for example, Market Street has effectively interviewed intravenous drug users with HIV/AIDS and/or hepatitis by approaching them as they leave clinics)
  • In “captive audience” situations, such as during conferences, classes, workshops, or meetings


The point of in-depth interviews is to allow for a semi-structured discussion in which the respondents are treated with great respect as “experts” in whatever field or situation they happen to represent. In-depth interviews are often used in place of focus groups when having a group of people with similar characteristics together for the purpose of stimulating a conversation on a specific topic is unnecessary.


In-depth interviews can range in length (but are usually between 10 and 30 minutes), and can be conducted with an almost unlimited number of identified individuals, although typically the number of respondents interviewed is under 100, and usually are in the 25-75 respondent range.


Market Street Research has had substantial, positive experiences in conducting in-depth marketing research interviews with many different groups at all levels of society, ranging from homeless adults to hospital patients, people receiving outpatient mental health care, teachers, clerical and administrative workers, doctors, lawyers, nurses, manufacturers, members of school boards, users of a specific technology or application, government officials, owners of retail and service establishments, members of boards of directors, politicians, legislators, and even very young children – who delight in giving their opinions about all kinds of topics, as long as they are asked appropriately and listened to with respect.


Healthcare Marketing Research


Market Street Research has considerable experience and expertise in utilizing the in-depth interview methodology in the research we conduct for clients in many industries, including for organizations in the healthcare field. Conducting healthcare marketing research in a range of methodologies is one of Market Street Research’s greatest strengths. Since 1978, Market Street has designed and conducted many hundreds of healthcare marketing research studies for healthcare providers ranging from internationally respected academic medical centers such as Massachusetts General Hospital, Cleveland Clinic and Johns Hopkins, health systems such as Partners Healthcare and Memorial Hermann, as well as for many regional and community-based hospitals, specialized clinics, and physicians’ practices serving urban, suburban and rural markets across the United States. Learn more about our expertise in the field of healthcare marketing research.


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