Online Surveys

Online surveys are increasingly popular today, in our changing media landscape. They can be an excellent choice when we have online access to the target population, including surveys of populations for which:


  • Our clients have access to an existing, accurate list of email addresses.  For example, surveys of employees, college alumni, members of associations or organizations who receive e-newsletters, and so on.
  • A sizable panel existsMarket Street works with top vendors that use ‘by invitation only’ recruitment and profile and identification validation to ensure high-quality panels of online survey research participants. These panels enable us to access a diverse array of populations that would be difficult to survey using traditional methods.

Online surveys offer several attractive advantages for our clients over other methodologies:


  • Convenience. Respondents can complete the survey whenever they have the time, whether late at night or early in the morning.
  • Response rates. Compared with self-administered mail surveys, online surveys yield higher response rates, and therefore more representative data.
  • Low-cost. The costs associated with most online surveys is usually significantly lower than that for comparable telephone or mail surveys.
  • Speed. Most online surveys can be completed–from initial meeting through presenting the findings–in far less time than for comparable telephone or mail surveys


Online Surveys and Healthcare Research

Market Street Research has considerable experience and expertise in conducting online surveys for clients in many industries, including for organizations in the healthcare field. Conducting healthcare marketing research in a range of methodologies is one of Market Street Research’s greatest strengths. Since 1978, Market Street has designed and conducted many hundreds of healthcare marketing research studies for healthcare providers ranging from internationally respected academic medical centers such as Massachusetts General Hospital, Cleveland Clinic and Johns Hopkins, health systems such as Partners Healthcare and Memorial Hermann, as well as for many regional and community-based hospitals, specialized clinics, and physicians’ practices serving urban, suburban and rural markets across the United States. Learn more about our expertise in the field of healthcare marketing research.


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