Register Now: Western New England Healthcare Marketing Symposium 2017


The 2nd Annual Western New England Healthcare Marketing Symposium will take place in Northampton, Massachusetts on April 7th, 2017. Last year’s event was sold out and received great reviews. Attendees will pay $65 for a full day of learning, sharing and networking. Lunch is included! Our goal was to make this day of learning extremely high in value while keeping costs as low as possible.


This year the presenters will cover a diverse range of topics including developing personas to help you create powerful, personalized communication; effectively integrating digital video into your content marketing program; brand journalism for the healthcare organization; integrating digital communications into your marketing for referring physicians; and what we can learn from 30 years of listening to physician feedback gathered through qualitative and quantitative research. Each speaker will present practical, actionable information that you can take back to your office and put into practice immediately. Registration is now open. To learn more or register, go to


I will be presenting at this year’s symposium. My topic is what I’ve learned from research with referring physicians. Physicians remain the key gatekeepers to healthcare use. While consumers increasingly take an active role in managing their own healthcare, consumers’ major source of information about which specialist or hospital they will use is their primary care physician. I’ll be talking about topics like how physicians make decisions about which specialists and hospitals they refer to, what makes physicians satisfied and dissatisfied with the referrals they make, and the opportunities to gain more referrals from physicians. And for anyone who is interested, I can almost guarantee that several of us will be gathering immediately after the event for a social hour at a nearby pub. The discussion will continue there for any who are interested.


— posted by Julie