Research for Retail Businesses


Market Street Research provides custom marketing research services for retail and service businesses. Since 1978, Market Street has designed and conducted studies for retailers ranging in size from small “mom and pop” stores to larger retail department stores and service businesses located throughout the Northeast. We can work with you to:


  • Identify your company’s key decisions and information needs
  • Define marketing research objectives based on those needs
  • Design a marketing research methodology that makes sense given your business’s size, customer characteristics, geographic markets, and any prior marketing research you may have conducted
  • Collect the data needed to answer your questions
  • Present results that can be put to use immediately in terms of marketing, staff training, media placement, public relations, and communications efforts.


Market Street Research handles all aspects of research projects that may include, among other methodologies, focus groups, telephone surveys, customer and staff satisfaction and loyalty studies, product testing, and other techniques aimed at helping you to assess your company’s:



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