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Manufacturers and other industrial businesses often conduct marketing research studies to assess the characteristics and expectations of their customers, who may range from the general public to OEMs, third party vendors, distributors, wholesalers, and other end-users.


Market Street Research has more than two decades of designing and conducting marketing research for manufacturers within niche industries that may or may not have been surveyed in the past. For example, we have designed and conducted studies, some involving focus groups and others involving telephone surveys and other marketing research methods, for products as unique and wide-ranging as:


  • Industrial supplies, such as shims, screws, spacers, and metal stampings
  • Springs used in aerospace and automotive OEM applications
  • Home heating fuel
  • Paper and paper products
  • Ultrasonic assembly equipment and welders
  • Windows and wood products for residential and commercial construction
  • Flocked and coated specialty papers
  • Sewing notions, such as snaps
  • Digital video editing systems
  • Universal joints
  • Electro-optical equipment
  • Film processing
  • Commercial and residential construction
  • Food products
  • Pharmaceuticals


In many of these industries our clients compete with a small number of highly competitive companies in markets that have been studied only minimally from a marketing research perspective. Before we began studying industrial supplies in the late 1980s, for example, few consultants had researched these markets.


Market Street Research’s strength in these situations is our ability to combine your knowledge of and experience within your specific industry with our technical and analytical capabilities in terms of marketing research. We are not in the business to tell you what you already know about your company’s strengths-our goal is to help you better understand your current and potential customers’ needs so you can design your products most effectively. Retaining customers is far less costly than finding new customers, and MSR can help you identify how you can provide exceptional service.


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