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Conducting healthcare marketing research is one of Market Street Research‘s greatest strengths. Since 1978, Market Street has designed and conducted many hundreds of healthcare marketing research studies for healthcare providers ranging from internationally respected academic medical centers, health systems and tertiary care hospitals to regional and community-based hospitals, specialized clinics, acute care hospitals and physicians’ practices serving urban, suburban and rural markets across the United States.


Market Street specializes in performing customized healthcare marketing research for hospitals and healthcare providers – none of our studies use syndicated or “canned” approaches, even in tracking or benchmarking marketing research studies in which Market Street repeats market research surveys year to year to monitor improvements in patient satisfaction, brand image and awareness and preference for use among competing facilities.


Our hospital and healthcare clients recognize the value of marketing research that is focused, actionable, and oriented toward the decisions health providers face in a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive market. Since 1978, Market Street has worked with:


  • Health systems
  • Community hospitals
  • Teaching hospitals and tertiary care facilities
  • Medical centers
  • Mental health care organizations and treatment facilities
  • Clinics
  • Health insurance plans (managed care and indemnity)
  • Acute care hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Physicians’ practices
  • Visiting nurse associations and other home care providers
  • U.S. Department of Defense’s USFHP managed care health plan


Market Street Research has a particular strength in conducting awareness and image studies for hospitals in which we analyze the experiences, opinions and preferences of residents in a hospital’s market area, segment residents based on that analysis, and assess that hospital’s competitive position in the marketplace. We customize each of our research studies to a client’s particular needs, and offer a market research approach that combines quantitative and qualitative research methods, providing our clients with the stability of rigorous and scientific research data, but not at the expense of the in-depth, detailed flavor of residents’ perceptions and experience.


This comprehensive approach leads to findings our clients can use in a meaningful way, including specific operations and marketing recommendations that are a direct result of our research findings and our depth of experience in the field. Our clients need to know how best to focus precious marketing resources in order to position themselves competitively in the market and ultimately increase their market share, and our awareness and image studies are each designed to do just that.


Please contact us to discuss how Market Street Research can help you achieve the goals you have for your organization.


Market Street Research is keenly aware of the issues hospitals and health care providers face in terms of marketing, patient satisfaction, and accreditation. Our clients appreciate both the quality of our healthcare marketing research and our ability to analyze, interpret, and present results and recommendations, as opposed to simply reporting statistics. We can work with you to:


  • Identify your organization’s key decisions and information needs
  • Define healthcare marketing research objectives based on those needs
  • Design a research methodology–or combination of methodologies–that makes sense given your organization’s goals, resources, size, patient characteristics, provider characteristics, geographic markets served, and any prior marketing research you may have conducted
  • Collect the data needed to answer your questions
  • Present results that can be put to use immediately in terms of marketing, staff training, media placement, public relations, and communications efforts


Market Street Research handles all aspects of healthcare marketing research projects that may include, among other methodologies, , and other techniques aimed at helping you to assess your institution’s:



Why Use Market Street?


Market Street Research is highly respected within the hospital and health care industry and has comprehensive experience in all aspects of healthcare marketing research for hospitals, health systems, managed care providers, pharmaceutical companies, and allied health and human service providers. We help you understand your market, your image, your challenges and opportunities, and your competitors’ perceived strengths and weaknesses so you can make effective operational and communications decisions. We also have the expertise to help you in navigating the regulations of HIPAA with regards to conducting healthcare marketing research.


Most of our hospital and health care clients work with Market Street on an ongoing basis-many for decades-because we set clear objectives, meet deadlines, keep you informed of the study’s progress on an ongoing basis, and deliver results. And we regularly work with advertising and communications consultants (both in-house and those contracted by health providers) to make sure our work integrates with your mission and marketing efforts.


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