Roger Kazakiewich, Data Collection Manager & Programmer

Roger Kazakiewich has been with Market Street almost since its inception and his extensive knowledge and skill regarding programming and data collection are essential to the successful completion of our studies. Roger is known for his attention to detail and excellent problem-solving skills.


As Data Collection Manager, Roger is responsible for managing and coordinating data collection with the outside vendors we use for online, telephone, and mail surveys, providing training and training materials to interviewers, and managing the sample and response rates for surveys. As Programmer, Roger integrates data received from different sources, conducts quality assessments on all data collected during quantitative studies, and prepares the data for analysis.


In both functions, Roger works very closely with our data from the beginning to the end of a project. He assists with questionnaire design at the beginning stages to ensure that the survey instruments follow data collection protocols, and oversees the piloting process to test the questionnaire’s length and identify problem areas. Throughout the duration of a telephone survey, he works closely with our call center to monitor response rates, and provides feedback to telephone interviewers as needed to maintain a consistently high level of quality responses. Once the interviews have been completed, Roger integrates this data into our in-house analysis software package, conducts rigorous quality checks, and prepares the data for analysis and the final report by running appropriate statistical tests.


In 1979, Roger received his B.S. in Community Services from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. He worked in the human services field for several years, functioning as the Residential Services Director at the Center for Humanistic Change in Springfield, MA. In 1983, he returned to the University of Massachusetts and acquired his certificate in Computer Sciences, at which point he began working for Market Street.


Roger is an avid outdoorsman. When he is not at Market Street, he can usually be found on the ski slopes or the hiking trails, depending on the weather. In addition, Roger enjoys playing saxophone and clarinet. Roger lives with his partner, Valerie, and their beautiful Husky dog Sicily in Florence, MA.