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The quality of a research project depends on the people working on the contract. Market Street employs professionals with diverse experience and training in the social sciences, communications, research methods, computer programming, and statistics. The professional staff includes consultants with doctorates in relevant research disciplines and other staff with masters’ level education in similar fields.


We supplement our full-time staff, if necessary, with content experts drawn from the talent-rich Pioneer Valley region of Western Massachusetts. There are five colleges in the immediate vicinity of Market Street Research-the University of Massachusetts, Smith College, Amherst College, Hampshire College, and Mount Holyoke College. Many of Market Street’s staff hold degrees from or are involved in relevant programs at these institutions.


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Julie Pokela, Ph.D., President

Julie Pokela, Ph.D., is President of Market Street Research, a company she founded in 1978. Julie's passion for research is evident in the way she personally oversees and approves every project Market Street Research conducts. Julie enjoys meeting with clients, understanding their goals, and designing the appropriate research methodology to help them achieve those goals.   With her years of experience, Julie has developed a high level of expertise in a variety of industries, and has been involved in designing and analyzing marketing research for both business-to-consumer and business-to-business clients. In terms of consumer behavior, Julie has studied consumer attitudes…

Stephanie Gonthier, Executive Vice President

Stephanie Gonthier began working for Market Street in 1996 as their first business manager and quickly took on management of qualitative research projects, organizing focus groups and in-depth interviews for dozens of clients. In 2003 Stephanie left Market Street as a full-time employee while remaining a regular consultant on business strategy, finance and tax planning.   Between 2003 and 2016 Stephanie worked for the Mount Holyoke College Alumnae Association as Director of Finance and then Interim Executive Director, worked at The Florida Orchestra as Chief Financial Officer and then Chief Operating Officer, and most recently managed acquisition integrations for BluePearl…

Elizabeth Denny, Ph.D., Senior Vice President

Elizabeth Denny, Ph.D. is Senior Vice President and co-owner of Market Street Research. Elizabeth brings an outstanding commitment to helping businesses and organizations conduct research that is sensible, cost-efficient, and results-oriented.   Elizabeth has worked with agencies subject to funders' evaluation requirements as well as organizations interested in better serving the needs of diverse populations. Elizabeth's expertise also includes working with community coalitions, public school systems, and government departments in education and public health.   Elizabeth has worked in the industry since 1983, serving as a consultant and research analyst with a specialty in evaluation research for health and human…

Roger Kazakiewich, Data Collection Manager & Programmer

Roger Kazakiewich has been with Market Street almost since its inception and his extensive knowledge and skill regarding programming and data collection are essential to the successful completion of our studies. Roger is known for his attention to detail and excellent problem-solving skills.   As Data Collection Manager, Roger is responsible for managing and coordinating data collection with the outside vendors we use for online, telephone, and mail surveys, providing training and training materials to interviewers, and managing the sample and response rates for surveys. As Programmer, Roger integrates data received from different sources, conducts quality assessments on all data…

Alec Baclawski, Information Technology Manager & Senior Research Associate

Alec Baclawski is a long-time member of the Market Street Research team, having started in March of 1995. He is kept very busy with the dual tasks of maintaining the company's computers and technology infrastructure and assisting the Research Analysts and Data Collection Manager in the processing of data for inclusion in the various customized reports produced by Market Street Research.   Combining creativity learned in an education in the Arts with a strong understanding of the logical processes needed to support computer technology, Alec provides everything from immediate desktop support to purchasing of systems, as well as network and…

Annie Regan, Research Analyst

As an Analyst at Market Street, Annie analyzes data, writes reports and implements research methodologies, and project coordination, both independently and in collaboration with Market Street's other analysts. Her job duties include coordinating focus groups, editing, and conducting in-depth interviews.   Annie began her career at Market Street in 2013 after working at the University of Massachusetts Children and Media Lab as a Laboratory Manager, assisting with participant recruitment, data collection, data entry, and coding. Before that, Annie graduated from Smith College with a B.A. in Psychology, and during her tenure was awarded a Praxis Grant and honored as a…

Dekodah, Security Chief and Calisthenics Director

Dekodah is Market Street Research's body guard. Dekodah has worked at Market Street Research for nearly two years. He takes his job very seriously, and will bark fiercely at anyone coming into the office, until they sit down. He will then jump on their lap and lick their face. Dekodah is also responsible for ensuring that Market Street Research staff are adequately exercised, insisting that he needs to be taken for a walk many times a day.

Cicely, Morale Director and Cookie Tester

Cicely is Market Street Research's therapy dog. Cicely has worked at Market Street Research for nearly five years. For the small inconvenience of keeping a box of dog cookies in your office, Cicely will hang out in your office for hours, offering unconditional love and support, living out the role of dog as your best friend. Well, the cookies are a condition, but a very small price to pay for unconditional love. In addition, while Cicely has no desire to be a guard dog--unless it's to keep bunnies out of the garden at home--her white-blue eyes and wolf-like appearance mean…