Social Responsibility


Market Street Research’s Commitment to Social Responsibility


Market Street Research’s philosophy is that employees are our greatest asset. Their skills and dedication to this company drive the quality of research we conduct, and are Market Street Research’s strongest link to a prosperous future. Market Street Research is committed to providing a safe and productive environment for all employees regardless of human differences that are irrelevant in terms of employment in marketing research. All of our policies and procedures are designed to support employees in furthering their education, skills, life goals, and involvement with family and community.


Investment in Local Community


We believe Market Street Research and its employees are critical to the economic and social well-being of the Northampton area, and we actively encourage corporate and employee volunteering and investment in organizations that benefit our community, with a special emphasis on organizations working with children, youth, and the Lesbian and Gay communities. Market Street Research contributes on a regular basis to the following organizations:


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Providing a Living Wage


Market Street Research is a certified employer of the Living Wage Western Massachusetts organization. Market Street Research is proud to be a certified employer, and believes in the mission to create and maintain a community where all employees receive a living wage.


Diversity and Equal Opportunity


Market Street Research’s policy is that all employment practices and personnel actions, including hiring, transfers, promotions, compensation, benefits, and training, be without regard to race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, culture, national origin, political beliefs, religion, disability, military status, or status as a disabled, special disabled, recently separated, Armed Forces Service Medal, or other protected veteran. To the extent possible, we use vendors who meet our diversity goals, which include equal opportunity for and non-discrimination for all persons.


Americans With Disabilities Act


Market Street Research’s facility in Northampton, MA is accessible to people with physical disabilities. The main part of our building is one-story, street level, and has accessible bathrooms, hallways, and doors. Ample parking is available within 20 feet of the main entrance to the building, which has a ramp. Market Street Research has a policy of non-discrimination toward people with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities, to the extent possible given current communications technology and limits on our ability to alter the physical structure of the building, which is older, multi-story, and was constructed before ADA compliance was required of developers in Northampton. However, we do employ people with disabilities and our policy is to accommodate these individuals so that their work environment is pleasant, accessible, and adaptive to their unique needs. Market Street Research is a smoke-free workplace.

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