Privacy Policy


Privacy and Confidentiality Policy


Market Street Research maintains strict standards regarding confidentiality of client information, respondent information, and research results. All data, including client identity, are kept strictly confidential, with access to information granted only to Market Street Research and designated client staff unless otherwise approved in writing by our client.


Our data collection systems are designed to protect respondent confidentiality by separating a respondent’s data from identifying information, such as name, address, and telephone number, as soon as the interview is completed. We also strip data files of identifying information before submitting them in any form to our clients.


Our clients can receive data files appropriate for internal analysis purposes if desired, but will not have the option of re-contacting respondents after the interviews have been conducted. This is a critical, ethical industry standard specified by the Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO), and followed by Market Street Research.


Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act


Market Street Research is familiar with HIPAA and has worked with hospitals and other helathcare providers on strategies for surveying patients in such a way as to meet these guidelines. HIPAA creates logistical problems for some patient surveys, but research methods can be adapted if needed.


We can reassure our clients that:


  1. Providing patient information is a standard practice among hospitals engaging in patient satisfaction research, as long as patient confidentiality is respected and survey participation is voluntary, and
  2. Market Street Research has a number of systems in place which strictly control access to patient information and enable us to guarantee respondent confidentiality.



We have 35 years of experience in working with hospitals and health care providers throughout the United States on this kind of research, and have developed procedures that are accepted by well-respected institutions such as Johns Hopkins Medical Services Corporation in Baltimore, Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Pacific Medical Center in Seattle, the Lahey Hitchcock Clinic serving New Hampshire and Massachusetts, and Sisters of Charity in Houston.


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