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Market Street Research partners on a regular basis with individuals and companies that provide services our clients need to make the best use of the marketing research we provide. Our partners include well-respected advertising agencies, marketing firms, management and marketing consultants, media companies, and legal experts as well as experts on strategic planning, operations, distribution, and product development.


George Milne, Ph.D.


For projects that include large-scale market segmentation, multivariate statistical analysis and/or multidimensional attribute mapping, we often work with our long-time partner, Dr. George Milne.


MilneDr. Milne teaches Marketing Research, Applied Multivariate Statistics and Research Methods, Marketing Management and Internet Marketing as an Associate Professor at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA. George has held visiting teaching positions at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and University of Canterbury, Christchurch New Zealand.


George has published over 30 papers on marketing topics. His publications have been in the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, Marketing Letters, Journal of Business Research, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Interactive Marketing, Journal of Direct Marketing, Journal of Managerial Issues, and the Marketing Science Institute paper series. Dr. Milne’s areas of research specialization are interactive marketing, Internet/database privacy, and consumer consumption experiences. Click here for Dr. Milne’s complete resume.


Preferred Vendors


We not only work effectively with collaborators, but also offer a range of advantages that can greatly benefit our clients and our partners. We are highly flexible and work with both independent vendors as well our clients’ in-house marketing, advertising, public relations, or communications departments. We adapt our style of working to meet both our partners’ and our clients’ timelines and information needs. MSR also partners with the following companies for marketing research-related services:


logoRDD Field Services of Portland, OR, for telephone interviewing and focus group recruitment using MSR’s questionnaires and sampling methods


Survey Sampling International, Inc. of Shelton, Connecticut for high-quality lists for random-digit dialing (RDD) and other samples


Research Now of Plano, Texas for high quality Online Survey Panels for online surveys


UMass Translation Center UMass Translation Center of Amherst, MA for translation services


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