Market Street Research’s Mission

Our mission is:


  • To conduct high-quality, usable marketing research
  • To satisfy our¬†customers needs
  • To return a fair profit
  • To encourage employee growth and satisfaction
  • To enable employees to share in the profitability of the corporation


The History of Market Street Research


Market Street Research is a marketing research company with over 35 years of experience in providing customized, premium marketing research services and political polling for hundreds of businesses and organizations throughout the United States. We specialize in understanding our clients’ needs and delivering high-quality market information for effective business and organizational decisions. Market Street Research is a vibrant, dedicated, client-oriented, woman-owned business with a long history of commitment to our clients, our employees, and our community.


Market Street’s journey began in 1976 when Julie Pokela, Ph.D., and Nancy Mihevc, Ph.D., the original owners, conducted a series of political polls for the U.S. Congressional seat in the 2nd District of Massachusetts. When political candidates in other campaigns expressed interest in political polling services, the polling firm of PFM Associates was formed in Northampton, MA by Matthew Pitoniak, Robert Fazzi, and Nancy Mihevc.


In 1978, the Center for Human Development (CHD) in Springfield, Massachusetts received a grant to conduct a telephone survey on community attitudes toward foster parenting. PFM Associates could not bid on this contract, since Fazzi was the President of CHD and Pitoniak served on the board of directors. PFM Associates was dissolved, and Pokela and Mihevc subsequently formed The Research Group in order to bid on the CHD contract. The market research study was very successful-CHD was able to increase the number of people who applied to be foster parents by over 100%.


The CHD contract was instrumental to the growth of The Research Group because Richard Carpenter, who was then President of a major Springfield advertising agency called Gibney Associates, was involved in developing an advertising campaign arising out of the marketing research results. He was impressed with the quality of work conducted by The Research Group and immediately began referring his clients to the firm. In 1980, Pokela and Mihevc purchased 146-148 King Street, Northampton, MA, and located The Research Group there.


The Research Group experienced rapid growth in the early 1980s. Important clients included our first bank, our first HMO, our first university, our first supermarket, our first department store, and our first hospital. In 1982 the U.S. economy entered a recession, and with the assistance of the Massachusetts Small Business Development Center, we created a syndicated survey, the Quarterly Banking Survey, to which subscribed most of the banks present in Western Massachusetts at that time.


As the economy grew following the recession, The Research Group prospered, specializing in political polling, banking surveys, and real estate feasibility studies, and started developing a specialty in healthcare marketing research. In 1986, Pokela and Mihevc decided to terminate their partnership, amicably splitting the business in half. Mihevc kept the data collection service (telephone bank), and clients were assigned to each company depending on their consultative relationships with Mihevc and Pokela.


Pokela and Elizabeth Denny, Ph.D., who was a Research Analyst at The Research Group at the time, started Market Street Research in 1986. The company specialized in health care and market feasibility studies, and was moved to a small, historic building at 30 Market Street in Northampton, MA. We subcontracted data collection to the Research Group until 1990 when Mihevc was offered (and accepted) a position at Matthew Thornton Health Plan in New Hampshire. Market Street Research purchased The Research Group’s remaining assets. Denny became a full partner in the company in 1992, and in 1993 Market Street Research was incorporated and expanded into two adjacent buildings (26 and 30 Market Street in Northampton).


In 1999, Market Street Research moved to 395 Pleasant Street in Northampton, a large building that enabled us to expand to 60 employees the majority of which worked as telephone interviewers. The economy entered another recession in 2001, at which point we realized Market Street Research could no longer compete with much larger field service firms located in other regions of the U.S. where labor costs are less significant than in Massachusetts. We disbanded our interviewer bank and have since subcontracted for data collection. This change has allowed Market Street Research to focus on what we do best, which is designing high-quality marketing research, working closely with clients to make sure the research will meet their information needs, and analyzing and presenting results so businesses and organizations can make informed decisions.


Market Street Today


Currently, we have specialties in the field of healthcare market research, and banking market research, and market research for educational institutions, with approximately 75% of our business coming from companies and institutions within these fields from across the country. Our client list also contains many technology firms, manufacturing firms, non-profits, and consumer products companies for whom we’ve performed marketing research, just to name a few of the industries we serve. Please visit our capabilities page to see what we can do for you and your organization.


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